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Havanese Puppy Pricing

The Havanese Pricing page gives you an overview of the prices of Havanese Puppies and what you will get for these prices in today’s market. I hope this information is helpful!

Here are some general prices and what they represent. These are not exact, but will give you a very good idea.

Puppy Mill Puppies

$ 300 to $1000
  • Puppies in this price range may be resellers of puppy mill puppies
  • Puppies may have poor health
  • Puppies will likely lack socialization

Newer Breeders

$ 1,000 to $1,400
  • Breeder may lack knowledge and experience
  • Breeder may have rushed breeding unworthy dogs
  • Puppies may lack socialization or have poor health

High Quality, Long Term Breeders

$ 1,400 to $2,800
  • Breeder has experience and knowledge of breeding
  • Breeder should have goals and standards in their breeding
  • Puppies should be healthy, socialized, and well-loved

You will want to stay away from the first group, Puppy Mill Puppies, in the lower price range. Even if you are purchasing from what appears to be a smaller, newer breeder, they very well may be purchasing puppy mill puppies and reselling them to you. They will not admit this of course, but this is a real danger out there. If you end up with a puppy mill puppy, you will not only have some serious social issues, but will very likely have some medical issues that will cost you more than the puppy.

The Newer Breeders are breeders who have been breeding for less than 10 years. I know that this sounds like a long time, but a truly good breeder will not be able to sell their first puppy for at least around 5 years. The reason for this is that when they buy their first pups, it takes some research and time, and then the pups have to grow up. This takes about two years. Assuming that they were able to find a female and a male at the same time and assuming that they grow up to be the perfect breeder dogs that the new breeder wants, then, they can breed them. Once the new pups arrive, they will once again have to grow them up, another 2 years. Assuming that there are some females that are the type that are good for breeding, and assuming that all goes well with them, and assuming that they purchased another male (from outside bloodlines), and assuming that he grows up well also, then they also can be bred. Once these puppies arrive assuming all is well with them, the new breeder can sell their first litter of puppies in around 5 years total.
If someone tells you that they have been breeding for 2 or 3 years and have puppies…run!

The High Quality Long Term Breeders, are breeders that have been breeding for over the 10 year period, and breed toward certain quality standards. They should be able to articulate these standards to you when you speak with them. Standards that have to do with Health, Temperament, Appearance, and what purpose they are breeding their pups for, IE: Dog shows to get Championship lines, families, etc. They will also be able to tell you the health testing that they do for their parents, and why they do them. For example we do the CERF test for the eyes and think this is important, but we will not do the OFA for the hips, as we have never seen a hip problem in a Havanese and feel that the test itself is a much bigger risk and damage to the dog than the potential problem with the hips. Also, very important is the Health Guarantee. This is where we stand out above the crowd. All other breeders that I am aware of will offer you anywhere from a one year to a lifetime guarantee for congenital defects but, what they don’t make real clear is that this is a “Replacement Guarantee”. This would be great if you were purchasing a car because every time something went wrong, you would get a new car. This is not so great with a puppy, as you will not want to trade in your old broken puppy when he/she has a problem, for a new puppy. Therefore, your health guarantee is worthless. Our health guarantee on the other hand is a “Repair Guarantee”. What this means is that if your puppy has a congenital defect or problem, we will pay for the surgery or corrective measures to make it right. It is kind of like an insurance policy that will cover up to the price of the puppy. If there were to be a congenital defect that took the puppies life during the guarantee, we would then, of course, offer a replacement.
I hope this helps with your understanding of the market out there right now. The very best way to go is to take it slow. Choose a breeder, not a puppy. Then, choose your puppy from that breeder. Don’t be afraid to save up your money if you have to and purchase a good quality pup from a good breeder. It will most likely save you money and heartache in the future. These pups are a 16 to 18 year investment if they are breed right and are raised on good food and loved.
Our objective as a breeder is to offer you the very best pup you can find anywhere, including first great health, second wonderful family oriented temperament, and third those cute little round faces with shorter muzzles, and 8 to 12 pound bodies with many colors mixed into their coats, all for a price that falls into the lower end of the High Quality Long Term Breeders category above. And to complete this loving and quality process, we will not ship our pups, but either hand deliver them to you, or you can, of course, pick them up. This is also done at a reasonable and fair price.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Havanese puppy licking finger

If you are looking for a good Havanese Breeder, we hope you will look no further. We have been breeding Havanese puppies since 1996.

All of our pups are either picked up by you here at our home, or we hand deliver them to yours.

Our health guarantee is totally different. It is a repair guarantee. We will actually write a check for surgeries or corrective measures should they become necessary to correct a congenital defect.