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Havanese Breeder

Being Havanese breeders since February of 1996, we’ve grown to love the affectionate, friendly, protective nature of these baby-faced pups. We know how a puppy can quickly become a best friend, playmate, and member of the family, and this is what drives us to ensure a better puppy buying experience to each and every customer we encounter. From the environment where the puppies are raised to the method of hand delivery we use, we want only the best for you and your new puppy.

One of the very real truths about Havanese breeders is that everyone will offer a replacement guarantee when you’re purchasing one of these expensive puppies. While going through a reputable and caring breeder will decrease the likelihood your puppy will have a breeding related health issue, it’s always possible. We know that often, these defects become apparent 6 months or more into the dog’s life, and at this point, having a “replacement” puppy is an unthinkable option for most. We offer this as well as another kind of guarantee, one that covers post-diagnostic medical costs up to the initial price of the puppy, allowing you to have your best friend cared for by a vet and returned home where they belong.

We have only ever had to cover these kinds of expenses a few times since we began breeding Havanese puppies in 1996, a testament to the great genes in our breeding dogs. From start to finish, and beyond, your experience with us is sure to be unique among Havanese breeders and we look forward to helping you every step of the way.

Havanese nose to nose with another dog

If you are looking for a good Havanese Breeder, we hope you will look no further. We have been breeding Havanese puppies since 1996.

All of our pups are either picked up by you here at our home, or we hand deliver them to yours.

Our health guarantee is totally different. It is a repair guarantee. We will actually write a check for surgeries or corrective measures should they become necessary to correct a congenital defect.