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Havanese Care

The Havanese Care page is dedicated to linking you to pages within our site that have to do with caring for your Havanese Puppy or Dog. I hope you will enjoy these tips and helps, they have come from many years of breeding and caring for our Havanese.

Havanese Hair Cut (Coming Soon!)

Bathing a Havanese (Coming Soon!)

Trim a Havanese's Nails (Coming Soon!)

Havanese wearing sunglasses

If you are looking for a good Havanese Breeder, we hope you will look no further. We have been breeding Havanese puppies since 1996.

All of our pups are either picked up by you here at our home, or we hand deliver them to yours.

Our health guarantee is totally different. It is a repair guarantee. We will actually write a check for surgeries or corrective measures should they become necessary to correct a congenital defect.