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About Our Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies are special puppies unlike any other. The Havanese puppies that we breed are even more special because they are hand raised in our home and played with by our kids from a very young age. Havanese Puppies in general are good natured, fun loving, and do not bark incessantly like some other small breeds. The Havanese puppy is a very unique puppy. Havanese Puppies are very much people pleasers. They just want to be with you and please you. The primary differences between the Havanese and other breeds like the Maltese, Yorkie, Shih tzu, and other small breeds like them, is that they are very easy going, fun loving, and are not neurotic, barky, or nippy.

Our Havanese Puppies are bred to be particularly sweet natured and to have a small round face with a short muzzle. This creates a look in the Havanese puppies that is like Ewoks in Star Wars (if you remember them). So, if you are looking for a high quality Havanese Puppy that does not shed, is hypoallergenic, very healthy, and has a wonderful personality, then you have come to the right place! View available puppies or contact us today for your next Havanese Puppy.

Many of the smaller breeds are known for these negative types of attribute, but the Havanese is known for being much more like a large breed dog, in that they are intelligent, and easy going. They are also what I refer to as “Socially Intelligent”. To explain this, lets use people as an example. Some people are very intelligent, but you would never take them to a party with you because even though they are very smart, they are not good with social situations—they are not “Socially Intelligent”. Dogs can be the same way. Some dogs, like poodles, can be very smart, but not always socially intelligent. Sometimes they will, for example, bark and bark when in certain situations and it becomes very annoying. Havanese will sense whether you are okay with a situation or environment, and if you are okay, then, no matter how scary or chaotic the situation is, they are generally okay with it also, and will only bark for good reasons.

Special note to all you men out there. If you are not so fond of small breed dogs, but enjoy a larger breed dog, this breed will be a breath of fresh air for you. They are as smart as many large breed dogs, but much easier to handle because of their size.

Havanese also do not shed, and do not have dander on their skin, so they are non-allergenic to most people. We have been breeding them since 1996 and have only had one family truly react, and their children were allergic to the dog’s saliva, a very unusual situation.

Havanese puppies are smart and easy to train. We have had many of our puppies win contests for obedience and tricks. One customer trained her 10 week old puppy to do 5 tricks and sent me a video of it.

All of our Havanese Puppies are potty trained when you receive them, in that they are both crate trained and paper trained. This means that if your puppy is placed in a space around 6 foot by 6 foot with newspaper or potty pad on one side, and left alone for a few hours, they will know to go potty on the paper and accomplish it 90 percent of the time. The first week home is an adjustment period however as they are babies and their entire world has just changed, so please understand that this holds true after that week. They are also crate trained so they can make it through the night without pottying in the crate. Again, please understand that their night will be shorter than yours for the first couple of weeks or so, so you may be rising early to let them out, or cleaning up a mess. We will train you to finish the training of taking them outside so that they will be dual potty trained, and will be able to handle themselves in all situations, and you will not have to run home every couple of hours to let out a puppy, they can take care of themselves.

It is our goal to make a puppy purchased from Noah’s Little Ark Havanese, the best puppy you will ever make a part of your family.

WARNING: I felt compelled to write this quick note to everyone that is seriously considering a Havanese. Over the last few years we have seen this breed become more and more popular. As this happens, as with all other popular breeds, we are now seeing puppy mills and new breeders who are using poor breeding practices begin to pop up. Please be very careful when you choose a breeder. Whether you purchase your puppy from us or someone else, here are some rules to keep you safe.
  1. Only purchase from breeders who have been breeding for 10 or more years.
  2. Make sure you can go to their home and meet the parents and see where the puppies are raised. (You don’t necessarily need to go, just so they will allow you to visit.)
  3. Make sure the breeder performs the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) test on the parents and other general health tests.
  4. Make sure they have a good health guarantee, not just a “Replacement” guarantee.
If you make sure these 4 things are in place, and you have a good feeling when you speak with the breeder, not an uneasy feeling, then you will most likely have a good breeder. Most of all, please do not purchase a Havanese from a pet store. There is a good chance that the breeder who sold it to them cannot get a good price of their puppy on their own, or they would not have sold it to the pet store in the first place.

It takes time and money to raise a high quality Havanese Puppy, but it will pay huge dividends in the long run. As some of my customers have told me when asked “Why in the world would you pay so much for a puppy?” Between the medical bills and the heartache, it is well worth paying a little more for a puppy that is healthy and raised well socialized. It is a great investment.
Havanese puppy sticking tongue out

If you are looking for a good Havanese Breeder, we hope you will look no further. We have been breeding Havanese puppies since 1996.

All of our pups are either picked up by you here at our home, or we hand deliver them to yours.

Our health guarantee is totally different. It is a repair guarantee. We will actually write a check for surgeries or corrective measures should they become necessary to correct a congenital defect.